JIRA Basics

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Jira User (Scrum Team) Workshop (15hrs)



This course is ideal for anyone new to Jira looking to use the tool for software development or business related activities.
At the end of the Jira Software Essentials training course students will understand end-to-end Atlassian Jira concepts and will be able to use Jira to work with issues and provide change tracking and control for projects.


  • Internet connection
  • Any browser


Detailed explanation of JIRA tutorial Basic concepts with examples – Issue, project and workflow


  • What is Jira
  • Creating an Instance
  • Creating Project
  • Navigational Overview
  • Creating Release and Components
  • Creating Product Backlog
  • Creating Sprints
  • Starting a Sprint

Working with an issue:

  • Creating an Issue
  • Attaching a File/Screenshot
  • Cloning an Issue(Epic/Story/Task, Bug)
  • Commenting on an Issue
  • Creating a Sub-Task
  • Editing an Issue
  • Emailing an Issue
  • Labeling an Issue
  • Linking Issues
  • Sharing an Issue
  • Logging Work on an Issue
  • Moving an Issue
  • Scheduling an Issue(Due Date)
  • Viewing an Issue’s Change History
  • Watching and Voting on an Issue
  • Issue creation Best Practices

Issue Management & Filter:

  • Searching an Issue
  • Basic Filter
  • Advance Filter
  • JQL(Jira Query Language)
  • Saving a starred Filer
  • Sharing a saved Filter
  • Editing a Shared Filter
  • Subscribing Starred Filter
  • Bulk Update Issue
  • Import Issues from Excel

Managing Jira Boards:

  • Creating a Scrum Board
  • Creating Kanban Board
  • Editing a Board
  • Card Layout, Card Color
  • Adding Quick Filters
  • Filters on boards

Dashboard and Reporting:

  • Create Dashboard
  • Add Gadgets and Customize
  • Add filters as gadgets
  • Share Dashboards
  • Generating Reports
  • Adding reports to Dashboard

Working with Apps(Add-on):

  • Intro to Marketplace
  • Installing an App
  • Navigating options of App
  • Adding Tests
  • Running Tests
  • Getting Test Reports


  • Intro to Roadmap
  • Intro to Workflows
  • Confluence

Note: This is not a Jira Administrator Training so customization options of Jira will not be covered in this session.

Course Outline - Theory & Lab

  • Getting started with JIRA
  • What is JIRA?
  • Working In JIRA
  • Basic JIRA navigation
  • JIRA Reporting Basics
  • Basics of JQL
  • JIRA best practices
  • Working with issues
  • Get started with Confluence
  • Basic Confluence navigation
  • Confluence best practices
  • Creating, sharing and configuring dashboards Adding gadgets to dashboards and configuring them. Creating, sharing and configuring filters Subscriptions
  • Searching in Jira (issue navigator, basic search and advanced search) JQL (theory and sample JQLs)
  • Agile reports
  • Issue analysis reports
  • Forecast and management reports
  • Burndown Chart
  • Sprint Report
  • Epic Burndown
  • Release Burndown
  • Velocity Chart
  • Cumulative Flow Diagram
  • Board creation
  • Configuration options
  • Board Admin basics, Quick filters, Swimlanes
  • Estimation metrics

Certification – No certification only training

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